Frequently Asked Questions

What Will This Course Teach Me?

Our master class designed to teach you how to write your own story or memoir that you can share with friends, family or even have published on a website, or in a local or national publication. Master story tellers from Guideposts will teach you how to make your story compelling and entertaining, following a formula that has worked at Guideposts for over 70 years. Topics like: Where to start your story, Characterization, Finding and Resolving Conflict, Moving the Story along with Dialogue and Scene, etc.

Will Guideposts Publish My Story Upon Completion Of This Course?

Guideposts does not guarantee that your story will be published after the completion of this course. By taking this course, you are preparing yourself with the skills and tools to write like a Guideposts editor. You may submit your story to our Writers Workshop contest. Link below.

Can I Give This Course As A Gift?

Yes, you can give this course as a gift. However, you'll have to create the persons account for them with the following information present (Name, Email, Password). 

Can I Receive A Refund?

Yes, you can receive a refund of your payment if you are unsatisfied with your purchase. However, you will no longer be given a refund after 30 days of your purchase.

How Do I Refund My Account?

Email our support team with your request. Within the first 30 days of your purchase, our support team will refund your account in full. Refund processing takes 5-10 business days.

How Long Until I Receive My Refund?

Refund processing takes 5-10 business days.

Who Are The Instructors Of This Course?

The instructors of this course are Guideposts Top Editors: Edward Grinnan, Colleen Hughes, Amy Wong, Rick Hamlin, and Jim Hinch.

Does This Course Offer Captioned Videos?

We do offer Closed Captions for all our video lessons.

I Ordered the Course but Haven’t Received Anything Yet

Once you have enrolled the course can only be accessed online.  To begin click on the link: I would suggest you save this to your Favorites list so you can have it available whenever you want to continue with the course.  

In the upper right corner of the screen click on Sign-In. You will need to log-in using your email address and the password you created when you enrolled. If, at any time you do not remember the password click on Forgot Password? below the login box, an email will be sent to you with instructions to reset the password.

I Don’t Know How to Find/Play the Video Lessons

Under your Dashboard there will be a list starting with the Workbook and then Chapters 1-12. First, download the pdf of the workbook to use during the course. To begin the lessons click on Chapter 1. You will see the Video Lesson (camera icon) click on that to begin.

The videos can be viewed as many times as you like. Once you click on the video icon the video will be on the right side of the screen. If you hover your mouse over the bottom of the video you will see the arrow and pause icons. These will allow you to rewind, pause or fast forward.

I Paid for the Course but Can’t Log in

Usually this is a result of incorrectly typing their email address or trying to log in with a secondary email address. I look up the enrollment and send them the correct email address used to enroll.

When do I get my Certificate of Completion?

Congratulations on completing the course. Please log into the course and select Replay the course. Go to your Dashboard and click on Achievements and Progress.  This will show 100% completed. Under that is a box titled Certificate of Completion, click on Get your Certificate. You can file and print a copy.