How To Tell A Great Story

How To Tell A Great Story

The Essential Writing Course From the Editors of Guideposts

Welcome to “How To Tell A Great Story”, a two-hour exclusive master class designed to teach you how to write your own story or memoir that you can share with friends, family or even have published on a website or in a local or national publication.

Master storytellers from Guideposts will teach you how to make your story compelling and entertaining, following a formula that has worked at Guideposts for over 70 years. You take the course at your own pace and you can repeat the modules as many times as you would like. 

TOP FEATURES: With over two hours of video lessons, this creative writing course will teach you all the essentials to writing a great story:

  • 12 video modules (captions available) to guide you in your creative writing journey
  • Digital Workbook with a summary of main points from each module
  • Full lifetime access to the course and it's materials
  • Quiz for each module, to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion when you finish the course
  • Instructions on how to submit your story to a publisher for publication.
  • Compatible in all web browsers
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

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About the Instructors:

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief of Guideposts magazine and Vice President and Editorial Director of Guideposts publications, which include the magazines All Creatures, Mysterious Ways, Angels on Earth, and PLUS. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has an MFA in playwriting from the Yale School of Drama. He is the author of the books The Promise of Hope: How True Stories of Hope and Inspiration Saved My Life, and Always By My Side: Life Lessons from Millie and All the Dogs I’ve Loved.

Rick Hamlin is executive editor of Guideposts magazine. He has published three novels and has written several books on prayer, most recently Ten Prayers You Can’t Live Without and Pray for Me. He and his wife, Carol, live in New York City and are the parents of two grown boys.

Amy Wong is executive editor of the magazines Guideposts and All Creatures. She wishes she could write as fast as she talks.

Colleen Hughes is Editor-in-Chief of Angels on Earth magazine and Senior Contributing Editor for Guideposts annual Joys of Christmas publication.

 Jim Hinch is a senior editor at Guideposts magazine. He is a longtime contributor to Daily Guideposts and he and wife, Kate, live in New York City with their two children, Frances and Benjamin.

Recent Reviews

Shari Riggs

Learned so much!

This course was concise, understandable and easy to listen to. Having the quiz follow each chapter helped cement what I had learned. Of great importance to me is it's user-friendly. You've made me excited to get my stories written!!

Jeanette Levellie

Not Flakes, But Golden Nuggets of Writing Wisdom

When I signed up for this course, I imagined I would glean a few gold flakes of writing advice to help me craft better stories. After all, I'd been a published writer for over thirty-five years. I was so wrong. What I found instead of flak...

Laurel Thomas

How To Tell A Great Story

What a bargain this class is! The information is clear and helpful for anyone who wants to relate stories in a way that engage and impact the reader. Skilled presenters and essential information! Thanks, Guideposts ~

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12 Videos
12 Quizzes

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